North Carolina Donation Centers

Our centers are the perfect places to give back and kick back. Open every day, yes weekends too, means donating at a center is easy to fit into your schedule.

*Platelet, plasma, whole blood, and automated red cell donations can be done at a center. 



    Save 3 Lives

    You could probably use a little peace. Every Blood Connection center offers that. Clean, spacious, and comfortable, a center getaway may be exactly what you need…it’s exactly what 3 blood recipients need too.

    Every donation has the power to save up to 3 lives. Every 2 seconds, someone in the U.S. is in need of a life-saving blood transfusion. You’re 1 person who can make a difference. 

     Main Difference: our donor centers are not on wheels. They stay right where they are, waiting for you, every day. 

     More Space: not just square-foot wise…our sprawling centers have tons of personal space to sit and relax as long as you want. We can only fit so many people on a mobile.

    More Snack & Drink Choices: they’re all laid out for you to choose, and there’s fresh coffee.

    More Time To Chill: plenty of chairs and tables are throughout our centers so you can take a breather after giving the gift of life. 

    More Ways To Give Life: you can only give platelets and plasma at our centers. We simply need more equipment, time, and space for that process. We promise, it’s worth it.