Our new rewards program will be a tiered points system for platelet donors based on the number of donations in a year.1

These point values are what the donor will receive for each platelet donation until your status changes. When a platelet donor comes in to donate, you will automatically receive 500 points.2 The following day is when you will receive any additional points based on your status.3

You can see the status of your award on your Points History page in the Donor Portal.

1 A year is defined as a rolling 12 months, meaning 12 months from your last donation.
2 Bronze Members will receive only the base 500 points per donation.
3 It may take up to 24 hours for points to apply to your account.

0–6 donations/year
500 points/donation

7–12 donations/year
625 points/donation

13–18 donations/year
750 points/donation

19–24 donations/year
1,000 points/donation

About Platelets

Platelet Donation is when only platelets (small cell fragments in the blood that helps stop or prevent bleeding) are collected, and the other components are given back. 

  • You can donate every 7 days
  • This donation takes 2.5 hours
  • Available to donate at centers
  • Females must be HLA Negative (Must be tested by appointment)


Weekdays 7am-5pm

Weekends 7am-3pm

Make An Appointment

Donate platelets by either calling your local TBC Center or by filling out the form below! Someone will contact you to find the best place and time for your life-saving donation.