be a Donor

Donation Process

It’s really not scary. Our caring phlebotomists are there to walk you through every step. First, they’ll ask some questions to make sure you’re healthy enough. Then you spend some time in a comfy chair. Blood donations can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the type of donation.


Become a Donor

Right now, there are kids, neighbors, mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons in your community who need a life-saving blood transfusion. You could be their chance for another day. One donation can help save 3 lives. That one donation could be you.

Our donation centers and mobiles are open every day, so it’s easy to find a place to give. Booking an appointment helps move things along. Donors can give blood every 56 days. 

Donor Benefit Plan

We can’t say thank you enough, but here’s another way. The Donor Benefit Plan helps offset the cost of a blood transfusion, should a qualified loyal donor need one in the future. We give a $25.00 benefit for each unit of blood (whole blood, red blood cells, leukoreduced red blood cells, apheresis platelets or plasma) that is transfused. So if you’ve donated with us in the past, instead of paying outrageous medical fees for a transfusion, it’s only $25 per unit, anywhere in the United States.


Community Connect

Connection is in our name for a reason. Creating connections in our communities is our goal. At a Community Connect event, we invite a local business or organization to host a drive at one of our centers. It’s one day dedicated entirely to that group, complete with awesome freebies. We just need employees or members to show up, and we give them the superstar treatment! It’s our way of saying thank you to a group that wants to give back. 

Community is everything to The Blood Connection and as the Community Relations Representative for our Oconee blood center, nothing pleases me more than seeing businesses and groups in the area making a commitment to give blood together as a team and save the lives of our friends, families, and neighbors!  Every group who has donated blood at my centers has experienced improved morale after such a meaningful event – all of them can’t wait to return, but they’ll have to wait at least 56 days just like everyone else.

-Monnie Whitson

Community Relations Rep