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  • Second Thoughts About the Safety of Your Blood? If you have second thoughts or new reasons to believe that the blood you donated will not be completely safe for transfusion to a patient, please call 1.800.392.6551. At the voice message prompt, press 2 for donor, and then 3 to access this confidential line. Please call without delay.
  • Donor Care Response Line – If you feel you are not recovering adequately from your donation, or you are currently experiencing arm discomfort, please call 864.751.1153. At the voice message prompt, press 1 for donor, and then 3 to leave a message. A member of our nursing staff will return your call.

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If you would like to update your contact information or ask a question about eligibility, blood drive locations, etc., please call 864.527.4479, and leave a message. We will call you in a timely manner.


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