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TBC partners with Forestmatic: The Sentinel-Progress (SC)

Expanding its commitment to saving lives in local communities and beyond, The Blood Connection (TBC) is now giving blood donors the chance to lower CO2 emissions, create jobs in Africa and empower women — all while donating blood with their community blood center.

The Blood Connection Offering Community Members Chance to “Double Their Donation” – Holy City Sinner (SC)

Those who donate with The Blood Connection (TBC), the non-profit community blood center, are directly impacting the lives of people in this community; people like children battling cancer, or a neighbor suffering from Sickle Cell Disease. Those people rely on community blood donors every day to ensure lifesaving blood products needed for treatments are available in local hospitals. That is why TBC is partnering with local and national organizations to shed light on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Sickle Cell Awareness Month.


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