The need for blood never goes away, and these stats prove it. Someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds, and one in ten patients who show up to a hospital will need blood. Over 800 people need to donate every day to meet the daily needs of the hospitals we serve. Blood is only good for 42 days. It can’t be replicated or produced. It is because of our volunteer blood donors that blood is there for local patients in need of transfusions. That’s neighbors helping neighbors in the best way. The reason to donate is simple…it saves


It feels like God blessed me with this type because he had a plan for me to go share it to others without judgement to age, gender, race, religion or financial status. I find that rewarding.

Having said that, when I see that label “Baby Blood” attached to the bag I feel like just maybe I help save a child’s life! That indeed is a great feeling of accomplishment for just giving up a few minutes of my time. I often try to think of what a family may be facing with the need for blood for their child. I rather be blessed to be on the giving end than the receiving end.

Kenneth Greene

Blood Donor, O-


Sickle Cell is the most common inherited blood disease. It causes red blood cells to form abnormal crescent shapes. These sickled cells will bump against the blood vessels and cause intense pain.

As the number of sickled cells start to out number the healthy red cells in a patients body, blood transfusions are needed to replace the sickled cells with healthy red cells. Due to the lifespan of red cells, transfusions may be needed every couple of weeks or months.


My Blood?

 Your blood is going to someone who really needs it. To get it there is a process. It takes a team; our phlebotomists collect the blood, our couriers bring it to our headquarters for processing, our lab techs process it, and our couriers then deliver the products to our hospitals. Once they’re there, lives are saved. Because of our products shelf life, that all happens in a matter of hours.