Discover Facts About Your Blood Type

The Ultimate Giver

O Negatives are extraordinary! They are considered the “Universal Blood Type.

The Secret Saver

O Positives are versatile because they are used for trauma, air medical services, and ambulance emergencies.

The Comforter

A Negatives are powerful because they help those in surgery or those who would need a red cell transfusion!

The A-Listers

A Positives are one of the biggest groups! They are considered the “Platelet Protectors.

The Bee’s Knees

B Negatives are very unique! Very few people have this type, so it’s usually high in demand!

The Bright Ones

B Positives always look on the bright side and it’s not just in the name! 

The Rare One

AB Negatives are the most rare blood type in the world. You are also known as the “Universal Plasma Donor.”

The Lucky Ones

AB Positives are the lucky ones! They are considered the “Universal Recipients.

Kenneth Greene

O Negative Blood Donor

It feels like God blessed me with this type because he had a plan for me to go share it to others without judgement to age, gender, race, religion or financial status. I find that rewarding. Having said that, when I see that label “Baby Blood” attached to the bag I feel like just maybe I help save a child’s life! That indeed is a great feeling of accomplishment for just giving up a few minutes of my time. I often try to think of what a family may be facing with the need for blood for their child. I rather be blessed to be on the giving end than the receiving end.