About US


Blood sustains precious human life. Its presence and flow allow us to seek the purpose of our existence and attain life’s milestones. Our mission is to support our healthcare partners with adequate, safe, cost-effective blood supplies and services. When we share blood, healing happens; individuals thrive; and families remain whole. Giving blood enriches our life experience, casting aside our differences to link the human race through a common, natural bond.

Areas of Service


Blood collecting rapidly progressed with World War II, creating a tremendous demand for blood products in the U.S.


The American Association of Blood Banks was organized to support blood research and develop standards of practice for blood banking.


A group of community-minded physicians, hospital and civic leaders decided on a plan to serve the needs of patients in the community and formed The Greenville Blood Assurance Plan.


The Greenville Blood Assurance Plan was officially merged into a new organization called Carolina Blood Center.

When service was initiated for hospitals in Georgia, the name of the organization was changed to Carolina- Georgia Blood Center.


The board of trustees adopted the mission-oriented name, The Blood Connection. This name more accurately reflected the organization’s mission – to ensure an adequate, safe, and cost-effective blood supply for its healthcare partners.


A new modern and versatile brand identity was created to establish a set of standards that will help maintain a sense of continuity as we continue to expand to more regions.