High school students and staff/faculty are all the future of our local blood supply. The Blood Connection has been supplying blood to local hospitals for more than 60 years – and for most of those years, high schools have been critical partners. High school and college students traditionally make up about a fourth of all blood donors. The next generation must be willing to donate blood, or our nation will continue to have blood shortages. Supporting your community blood center means creating a safe and sustainable blood supply for our community.


The Blood Connection is a non-profit, community blood center and the blood provider of choice for more than 100+ hospitals in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The pandemic really changed the blood supply and its stability.  Donations at high schools and colleges were severely impacted by COVID, with donations from those under 24 dropping roughly 40% from 2019 to 2021.  There has been a 56% growth in donors over the age of 80.  Those donors won’t be able to give for much longer.


  • GRANTS: Grants are issued to schools that collect more than 30 blood donations at each drive.
  • TBC SWAG: Promotional Items such as t-shirts will be provided by TBC for blood donors at school drives!
  • HOSA INVOLVEMENT: Additional resources focused on job/career readiness and potential tours.


School personnel point of contact for the blood drives can earn rewards for promoting the drive and recruiting donors!  This contact will be an advocate within the school, leading efforts to increase TBC awareness and connections in the school community. Rewards can be redeemed for eGift cards of choice.

Grant is awarded PER drive. *collected = donors who had successful donation and QNS donors. Deferrals are not included. 


  • STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS! TBC will award a $500 scholarship per blood drive to students who host OFF-SITE blood drives when school is not in session (winter & summer breaks). The blood drive must collect at least 30 blood donations.

    Blood Drive must be hosted when the student’s school is not in session. Drives held at school the student attends are not eligible for program. Scholarship will be given to a University or higher education institution of the student’s choice upon completion of the student’s first blood drive that collects thirty (30) units of whole blood. Students can earn more than one scholarship and/or split the funds with a co-host.


  • RED CORD PROGRAM! Any student who donates blood 3 or more times with TBC (whether at the school or elsewhere) receives a red honor cord to wear at graduation.  If you are interested in receiving a TBC Red Honor Cord, please complete the form here.  Red Honor Cords will be mailed out beginning in April and ending the first week of May.  If you have any questions, please email Ciera Wilson at 

TBC High School Red Honor Cord Request Form

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The Blood Connection is committed to being a resource to educators and students regarding blood donation content. As the needs of the region’s education and healthcare system have evolved – so has our school programming. We provide opportunities for standards-based learning, community service, leadership and career exploration. TBC provides partner schools, student groups and advisors with interactive webinars, digital and print materials, and individualized support to help achieve club goals and be a resource to educators. Students involved with TBC’s High School Program have an opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills that they can apply in future academic and work related activities.

Want more information? Download our High School brochure or contact Terra Strange at


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