Student Scholarship Program

Host a blood drive when school is not in session and receive a $500 scholarship to the University of your choice and a letter of recommendation from our CEO.

This scholarship presents an opportunity for students to demonstrate community service and leadership through the planning and sponsorship of a community blood drive.

  • Submit a Host a Blood Drive form
  • Collect a minimum of 30 donations
  • Attend an Institute of Higher Learning currently or in the future
  • Be between 16 and 21 years old


Completed Donations Scholarship Amount
30-39 $300
40-49 $400
50+ $500
  • Blood Drive must be hosted when school is out of session. 
  • Blood Drive must complete at least 30 donations to qualify.
  • Blood Drives hosted by or at the school that the student attends does not qualify towards the scholarship. 
  • Blood Drive must be a new location/account. If the drive is with an existing account (the location/partner is already hosting blood drives with The Blood Connection), it must be an additional blood drive in the calendar year. Can be scheduled any day of the week.
  • Student must meet with a designated TBC Account Manager and maintain communication throughout the planning process.
  • Student does not have to be a current or past blood donor. 
  • Scholarship will be given to a University of the student’s choice upon completion of the blood drive.
  • Student will receive a $25 eGift card (of choice) if the drive does not make goal.
  • Students can earn more than one scholarship and/or can split the funds with a co-host who is also a student and meets the requirements.
  • Following the blood drive, meet with TBC Representative to submit the scholarship form to receive the scholarship check. 
  • Lost checks or those not cashed within 6 months will not be replaced. Checks cannot be donated to a charity.

Fill out the form here.

HS Red Cord Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

High School Grant Program

Earn money for your school’s future educational needs. Host at least 2 blood drives at your school with The Blood Connection between August 1 and June 1 to receive a grant!

Want to make it even bigger and better? Host a blood drive spirit night at a local business or a Homecoming blood drive! Your drives don’t have to be at your school or during school hours. We’re available whenever you are. 

BONUS: Any school that hosts FOUR total blood drives in one year (August-July) will receive a $2,000 bonus (to be used for future educational expenses).


Collected Donations Grant Amount
50+ $500
100+ $1,000
200+ $1,500
300+ $2,000


Host a Blood Drive