We know choosing a blood provider is no small task. For almost 60 years, hospitals have trusted The Blood Connection. We’re well-known in the healthcare community for providing the highest quality blood products and services. Our employees are thoroughly trained to go above and beyond to comply to regulatory guidelines set by the FDA.

Our promise is to provide clean, transfusable blood ready for any situation. 

Immunohematology Services

  • Reference Lab Services
  • RBC Crossmatching
  • Platelet Crossmatching
  • RBC Antigen Typing
  • RBC Antibody Screening & Identification
  • Post Trasfusion Reaction Evaluation
  • Frozen Inventory of Rare Units
  • HLA Testing

Value-Added Services

  • Computerized, Online Blood Product Ordering System
  • Free Routine Blood Component Deliveries (full-service customers)
  • 24/7 Staffing for Blood Distribution (full-service customers)
  • Online Rare Unit Finder (self-service)

Biologics Manufacturing

  • Platelets (leukoreduced, single-donor platelets collected by automated apheresis)
  • RBC Leukoreduction
  • Blood Component Washing

-Hospital Partner-

“Thanks to your exceptional staff. I have always been able to count on the reliability, professionalism and courteousness of TBC!”

Shriners Hospitals for Children

Greenville, SC


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