The Blood Connection couldn’t do what we do without the wonderful support from area schools. Our elementary school program recognizes students and their schools for saving lives in our community. Together, we can make a big difference.

For Students:

We know elementary schoolers are a little too young to give blood. They can still make an impact! All students who sponsor a blood donor (meaning they bring in mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, friend) will receive a pencil pouch with goodies and 1 collectible keychain per donor. The more the merrier!

For Schools:

All schools that sponsor 2 blood drives with TBC between August 1st and June 1st will receive a grant amount of $10 per unit collected. So, if 10 people successfully donate blood, that’s $100 in the school’s pocket. Smiling faces all around! Grants will be rewarded after June 1st. Children are our future. Let’s teach them to change their communities now, and let them lead the way.


Blood Donor

We know, college is expensive. With our Student Scholarship Program, giving blood helps in more ways than one. If you’re a high school student, we want you to benefit from our scholarship program!

And we don’t stop there. If you gave blood, we want to honor you in front of your friends and family. You deserve it! TBC is proud to present loyal high school blood donors with red donor cords to wear during their graduation ceremony. Red cords say, “I’m a life-saver.” Learn more for the deets on that.


Donor 4 Life

College students, we want you in the club! It’s time to get involved in your community. Donors 4 Life are change seekers, community advocates, and downright awesome people who promote giving blood to The Blood Connection by hosting blood drives and recruiting donors. As an advocate for blood donation, you’ll educate the community and make a difference in people’s lives. It’s a great way to make an impact on the way to that degree. 

And, you’ll get some free swag, but it’s different everywhere, so ask your local coordinator. But we promise, it’ll be cool. 

Faith at Work

Thank you for playing a vital part in the success of your community. We’re right there with you. To say thanks, we’d love to give back to your organization when you host blood drives with TBC.