Citadel Ring Credit

 After every blood donation, get TBC Reward Points to earn Ring Credit for your Citadel Ring!

*Amounts range between $5-$20

OR if you’re not a student, earn Ring Credit for a Citadel student of your choice!

To start earning credit, log into your TBC Donor Portal and redeem your points for Citadel Ring Credit. 

*credit can be transferred to any current student

Instructions to receive ring credit: 

– When it is time for you to purchase your Citadel ring, email

– TBC will verify the number of donations that can count towards your ring.

– You will receive an email with the amount that will be credited towards the ring.

– TBC will send you a check for that amount, made out to The Citadel Alumni Association.

– Use that check as part of payment for your ring.

– If you have any questions, please call 864-255-5000.

For High School students who have committed to The Citadel

Win a $5,000 Scholarship to the Citadel!

To apply please email: