TBC Joins Jordan’s Journey

TBC Joins Jordan’s Journey

Jordan’s Journey: #jj33strong

In June, 15-year-old Jordan Freeman was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Because blood transfusions are an important part of her treatments, Jordan’s father, Mark Freeman, has led the charge to host blood drives in the area since Jordan’s diagnosis. Mark is is a Spartanburg County Deputy and well known in the community. The hashtag above has been the symbol of Jordan’s fight against the disease.

As her father explained on Facebook about the diagnosis: “She has been put on a 21 day cycle of treatment, days 1-3 is spent in the hospital receiving Chemo meds through an IV Port she had surgically implanted, on days 4-7 she will be at home taking oral meds, on day 8 she will have to go back to the Hospital for additional meds to be given through her port, on days 9-21 she will be home again taking oral meds, then it will start again for 5 cycles, 3 days in the hospital, home, 1 day at the hospital, 7 days at home, etc…We want to thank everyone for their outpouring of love and support, and appreciate all the support we have already received.”

Through the TBC Donor Benefit Plan, donors who gave blood during the “Jordan’s Journey” blood drives will be giving back to Jordan’s recovery by replenishing the local blood supply. Those blood donations will also help Jordan’s family pay for her treatments. At the latest collective blood drive in Jordan’s honor, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, and Fox Carolina teamed up. Those blood drives collected 70 donations, enough to help save the lives of more than 200 people, just like Jordan!

Jordan’s unexpected diagnosis is an example of how blood products need to be available at any time, for any patient. That means community donors must give on a regular basis. When Jordan needed blood products, they were available because donors knew it was worth the time to donate blood. TBC is asking the rest of the community to do the same for Jordan and other hospital patients like her in the Upstate.

Find a blood drive near you today. Click here to learn more about the Donor Benefit Plan. To follow along with Jordan Journey, like her Facebook page.

Hurricane Dorian: How You Can Help

Hurricane Dorian: How You Can Help

Hurricane Dorian Threatens Local Blood Supply

As evacuations begin for those in the path of Hurricane Dorian, The Blood Connection has also been forced to move its coastal resources out of the Charleston area. Any resources used to collect blood in that area have been moved to Greenville, SC. More blood drives will be added in order to support the areas where TBC is unable to collect donations during the storm. Most likely, Charleston blood drives will be canceled throughout the week since the buses have been moved.

“We are in a critical time window now to get the donations we need before the hurricane so there is no worry about local supply when it hits, wherever it hits,” said TBC President and CEO, Delisa English. “This is an all hands on deck situation for blood donors. Saving lives is TBC’s everyday responsibility and that doesn’t change when the weather does. Local hospital patients are counting on us.”

Blood donations in the Upstate of South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and Raleigh will be even more vital this week to make sure the local blood supply holds steady through the storm. As communities along the East Coast prepare for the hurricane, blood donors in other communities farther inland are being asked to support those unable to donate or have scheduled blood drives because of the hurricane.

TBC will be opening its Anderson Mall location this week as an emergency collections site: Tuesday-Thursday from 3pm-8pm. Donors do not need an appointment.

Buses normally used in the Charleston area have been reassigned to these Upstate locations:

Walmart-Gaffney Tuesday, Sep 3 2-7P
Walmart-Pickens Tuesday, Sep 3 2-7P
Walmart-Taylors Tuesday, Sep 3 2-7P
Furman University (in front of the bookstore) Wednesday, Sep 4 11A-4P
Clemson University (APO @ Core) Wednesday, Sep 4 + Thursday, Sep 5



Stay tuned to this page for hours and information about emergency sites. Donors can call 1-800-392-6551 with any questions.

Because of the daily crucial need for blood, TBC must operate 365 days a year. To assure that happens, TBC is a member of two national organizations that focus on disaster preparedness: American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and Blood Centers of America (BCA). TBC send needed blood products to affected areas in coordination with BCA’s national resource sharing program. TBC will also follow any disaster response guidelines coming from AABB during a state of emergency. Management and staff have been reviewing those guidelines as Dorian approaches. While TBC’s priority is to supply its local hospitals first, it also has a responsibility to help other communities in times of crisis. Thank you to all the blood donors who will step up this week to help through the storm!

Pass it on: Sponsor a youth to go to SpiritFest

Pass it on: Sponsor a youth to go to SpiritFest

In the Spirit of Saving Lives

SpiritFest is making waves in Greenville, SC September 1st at 5PM at the Bon Secours Arena! 

The Blood Connection is giving blood donors the chance to sponsor a youth to go to SpiritFest! Change a life and save one, at the same time. 

Donate blood at any of these blood drives and receive a youth SpiritFest ticket: 


  • 08/25 – Poplar Spring Baptist Church: 4-8PM 

  • 08/31 – Phyllis Wheatley Center: 10A-2:00P

TBC will also be at Black Expo on August 9 and 10 with information about hosting a blood drive in the community. Stop by our booth, we’d love to say hi!

The demand for blood never stops. That’s why our blood donors are essential to saving lives. Be the difference for someone in your community! Sickle cell patients especially rely on blood donations every day from the minority population. It’s important to know about the disease and how you can help. Read this article to learn more.

Blood donors must be healthy, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be 17 years old or 16 with written parental consent. Donors must bring a valid photo ID or Donor ID.

Retired U.S. Navy Man Donates 400+ Times

Retired U.S. Navy Man Donates 400+ Times

A Lifetime of Service 

86-year-old Harvey Spencer has spent his entire life serving his community. His service started when he joined the Navy in the 1950s for the Korean War. During a tumultuous time in U.S. history, Spencer stepped up. And he’s continued to do so. Now retired from the Navy, he’s donated blood more than 400 times, saving lives in a different way.
Among the many things that Spencer learned after joining the Navy is the importance of donating blood. Because of the war, there was an urgent need for blood. When asked to give, he did. After traveling the world with the Navy for many years, he retired about 20 years ago, when he began donating blood locally.
Noticing that he was a frequent donor, a long-time TBC employee asked Spencer to donate platelets. In true Spencer fashion, he said yes, wanting to do anything to help. A local girl in need of platelets also motivated him to learn more about platelet donation.
The rest…is history. Spencer now donates platelets twice a month at the Seneca Donation Center. He says he loves the fellowship and the staff who take good care of him; a true compliment from someone who knows the deep impact of true camaraderie.
The vivid images of his fellow military members at war remind Spencer of the importance of donating. He has this simple, Nike-esque quote for anyone who hasn’t donated before.

“Just do it.”

To Spencer, it’s that easy. You too could be a loyal donor like Spencer. Whatever your reason, local hospital patients need your donation. TBC is thankful that Spencer chose TBC to be the place where he continues his community service. With more than 400 donations, he’s saved hundreds of lives. Thank you Harvey Spencer, a hero inside and out!

Points for Platelets

Points for Platelets

So what’s the deal with platelets?

Platelets are small fragments in our blood that help stop bleeding. Platelets may be tiny, but they’re POWERFUL. They’re little life-savers for the many brave people who are battling cancer. Chances are, someone you know came to mind. Cancer treatments can reduce the number of platelets in patients’ blood. A low platelet count is not a good thing. That’s where our loyal donors come in! Thanks to platelet donations, patients are able to get back the platelets their bodies need to get better. While platelets are primarily used to help cancer patients, others benefit from them too, like people with rare blood diseases or transplant patients.

-Small cell fragments in the blood that help stop or prevent bleeding
-Made in our bone marrow
-Shelf life is only 5 days
-Used most commonly for surgeries, transplants, and cancer treatments

Now to the good news! You can donate platelets every seven days! So you can be a superhero every week! AND we’re rewarding your selfless act with TBC Rewards Points! Keep in mind, donating platelets takes a little longer than a whole blood donation and can only be done in a center. Through one needle stick and a super fancy machine, your blood is taken and the platelets are filtered out. The rest of your blood components are then given back to you through the same needle. It takes about an hour and a half. Feel free to enjoy your favorite TV shows and snacks on us!

Every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday, platelets donors will receive DOUBLE TBC Reward Points through October 31! For other platelet promotions, check our Facebook page.

Donations can only be made at a TBC Center. Please call your local center with any questions or to make an appointment. Appointments are recommended.

MORE INFO: Click here for a little more explanation about what donation type is best for your blood type.

 To our loyal platelet donors, THANK YOU! Because of you, people in our community are living better, healthier lives. 

Lyman teen and pageant queen shines as blood drive host and donor

Lyman teen and pageant queen shines as blood drive host and donor

Hailey Greer shines on and off the pageant stage 

Miss River City Teen turns passion for blood donation into platform, donates blood for the first time on her 16th birthday

16-year-old Hailey Greer spent her sweet sixteen at the Blood Connection Donation Center in Spartanburg, giving back to her community. It’s not what you might expect from a high-schooler, but it’s no surprise for those who know Hailey. Some know her as the current Miss River City Teen or former Miss Powdersville. With a few pageant wins under her belt, she’s now in the running to become Miss South Carolina Teen, where a lot more people with get to know her and what she stands for. Hailey is using her contagious smile to spread the word about blood donation, making it her personal platform for Miss South Carolina.

Hailey started hosting drives when she was just a freshman at Byrnes High School. Her mother’s touching story is what drives Hailey to tell others about the life-saving power of blood donation. Her mother lost about half of her blood volume after Hailey was born. Since Hailey knows blood donations saved her mother’s life, she wants to help do that for others in her community. And when she started asking questions to her friends and family, she realized a lot of people around her have needed blood too. Doing her own research about blood transfusions fueled the fire, and she began encouraging her friends to donate at school. 

“Just telling them [students] how much their blood can help somebody is normally what does it for them. And by giving blood, they feel like they have a purpose.”

Hailey has hosted almost 10 blood drives (and counting) with The Blood Connection, starting way before she was old enough to donate blood herself. Hailey donated for the first time with TBC at the Spartanburg Center on her birthday on May 19th, surrounded by her friends and family. She’s now in the club of local lifesavers!

TBC is grateful for Hailey’s selfless dedication to her community and passion to serve as a blood drive host. She is truly an inspiration, juggling her school work, dance team practices, preparation for pageants, and learning how to drive, yet still making time to serve her community. Making connections in the community is what TBC is all about. Hailey is the perfect example of a caring connector, who has not only affected the lives of many local blood recipients but their families too. Soon she’ll be able to add “lifesaver” next to the long list of her titles. TBC wishes Hailey the best of luck at the Miss SC Teen pageant! 

WYFF Channel 4 shared Hailey’s beautiful story as part of its Project CommUNITY series. Check it out!

The Spartanburg Donation Center is located at 270 N Grove Medical Park Dr. It’s open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m on the weekends. Blood donors must be healthy, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be 17 years old or 16 with written parental consent. Photo ID required. To reduce donation time, donors can make an appointment in advance.

Check out the TBC High School Program, which awards students like Hailey who are impacting their communities through blood donation and hosting blood drives.