Donate Mate: Give Back at Outback

Donate Mate: Give Back at Outback

There’s never been a better time to stop by your local Outback Steakhouse! And The Blood Connection is giving you an easy way to eat for FREE.

TBC and Outback Steakhouse are working together to spread the word about blood donation. Partnerships like this are essential to the community’s blood supply. Outback Steakhouse’s enthusiasm to partner with TBC to host blood drives has helped TBC reach new donors and save more lives!

On December 1, 2022, select Outback Steakhouse locations in the Carolinas will host The Blood Connection for a collective blood drive. Blood donors will receive a $20 Outback eGift card and a free Bloomin’ Onion. After donating, donors can walk right in and enjoy a free dinner at Outback, a ‘thank you’ for saving lives!

Find a Mobile Blood Drive

December 1st at select Outback Steakhouse Locations

Click on the Location Name to make an appointment. 

North Carolina

901 Walnut St.
3500 Mount Moriah Rd.
845 US Hwy. 70 W.
Asheville 30 Tunnel Rd.
New Bern
111 Howell Rd.
7500 Creedmoor Rd.
911 Outlet Center Dr
9623 East Independence Blvd.

South Carolina 

1646 J.B. White SR Blvd
252 F Harbison Blvd.
110 Dunbarton Drive
Mt. Pleasant
715 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard
North Myrtle Beach
1721 Highway 17 North
2113 Boundary Street

Giving Blood – A Great Experience at the Charleston Center

Giving Blood – A Great Experience at the Charleston Center

Giving Blood – A Great Experience

A blog by donor Kae Childs who gave at the Charleston Center

Giving blood is one of the most satisfying things I have done in a while! Of course, during the pandemic I haven’t done too much! But in years past, the times I have attempted to donate, the attendant who was taking my blood pressure would say things like “Are you feeling ok?” “Your blood pressure is extremely low and I’m sorry but we can’t take your blood today.” This happened so many times when I told my doctor about it, he said, “Don’t try to give any more. You just have low blood pressure.”

My son in law has been a regular donor for years.  When I was keeping their dogs recently I heard from the answering machine a missed call message from The Blood Connection reminding him to come in and give blood. That struck something inside of me to try again to give.

I kept hearing after I returned to Daniel Island about how blood was especially needed during Covid. I called to see what the correct protocol was to give in our area. I explained my past low blood pressure experience. She said to just come in and they could check to see if I were eligible. I took off because something told me that this time I could do it.

I arrived at The Blood Connection and sat down for her to ask me some questions.  She put the blood pressure cuff on my arm. The bottom number she said had to be at least 50. Mine was 51! She said, you’re good to go. Do you want to give? I did!

I finished answering all of the necessary questions on the form and was given a bottle of water to quickly drink. I was ushered into a large room with lots of big, black chairs. Surprisingly I wasn’t scared but just a little bit. She had no trouble (she was the expert) finding a good vein and within 30 minutes we were finished.

Over to the refreshment area she directed me where I picked out some crackers and a Sprite. On the wall I saw a poster that said by giving blood I had just saved three lives. Imagine that! I knew right then that I was hooked. I could hardly wait until time to give again. Next time, I thought to myself, I may even try to give plasma!

The Life-Saving Partnership with NewSpring Church

The Life-Saving Partnership with NewSpring Church

NewSpring Church Blood Drive Info


To show your support during this season of unknowns, make an appointment by following the links above. Your donation could give someone another day. *We strongly recommend that all donors make an appointment to adequately practice social distancing


Sammy Lewis and His 200th Donation

Sammy Lewis and His 200th Donation

Sammy Lewis and His 200th Donation

Meet Sammy Lewis! He has been donating blood with The Blood Connection when TBC first opened in 1962! Sammy said that he was donating one day on Grove Rd. in Greenville, SC when he saw people watching TV and was told they were donating platelets. This is what first sparked his interest in platelet donation! Sammy say, ” I remember the good old days when there was a needle in both arms.”

In 2009, he and his wife started to regularly donate blood as a family. This decision led to March 9th when Sammy hit his 200th donation with The Blood Connection! 

We are so blessed to have donors like Sammy and his wife who sacrifice their time and stand up for their community. 

Santa’s Community Blood Center

Santa’s Community Blood Center

Join Us on the Nice List. Donate Blood.

During a month that’s filled with so much gift giving, The Blood Connection wants to thank our loyal donors by giving them a fun, festive, holiday shirt that makes it obvious that they’re lifesavers. It’s Santa approved!

Through December 24, all donors at our centers will receive a special “Ugly Christmas Sweater” t-shirt in addition to their choice of a $20 Amazon or $20 VISA card. The shirts are while supplies last, so hurry in before they’re gone!

To our donors, thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

-One donation can save up to 3 lives
-Someone needs blood every 2 seconds.
-1 in 7 people entering a hospital will need blood.

If you’ve donated whole blood before, you know this is worth your time! Feel free to enjoy your favorite TV shows and snacks on us! Donations can be made at a TBC Center. Please call your local center or 864-751-1168 with any questions or to make an appointment. Appointments are recommended but not required.

MORE INFO: Click here for a little more explanation about what donation type is best for your blood type.

Centers are open M-F 7a-7p and on the weekends 7-5pm. Blood donors must be healthy, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be 17 years old or 16 with written parental consent. Donors must bring a valid photo ID. Platelet donations can only be done after at least one whole blood donation.

Click the button above to find a donation center near you.

Greenwood, home of loyal donors

Greenwood, home of loyal donors

Greenwood donors celebrate milestones 

A few Greenwood donors have gone above and beyond in their blood donation journeys to save hundreds of local lives! These donors are great examples of loyal, local lifesavers. From everyone at TBC, thank you for your continuous blood donations!

Let’s start with Jeanette Templeton (pictured below) who has donated 38 gallons. Her journey began on a personal note, when her best friend’s husband needed blood transfusions years ago. After she started donating, she realized it’s simply the right thing to do for her community. She loves donating at the Greenwood Center because she has made friends with the staff over the years. Templeton was born and raised in Abbeville, SC and went to high school and college there as well. She has two children and five grandchildren and likes to stay active and involved with her family. 

Craig Ticknor (pictured below) has been donating since the 60s. Like Jeanette, he says he knew back then that it was the right thing to do. When we asked him why he donates with TBC, he said: “Blood is a critical part of our lives it’s what keeps people alive.”
TBC would also like to thank Wildred Vaudreuil and Vickie Seagle, who have both donated 42 gallons so far. We couldn’t do our life-saving work without you!