So what’s the deal with platelets?

Platelets are small fragments in our blood that help stop bleeding. Platelets may be tiny, but they’re POWERFUL. They’re little life-savers for the many brave people who are battling cancer. Chances are, someone you know came to mind. Cancer treatments can reduce the number of platelets in patients’ blood. A low platelet count is not a good thing. That’s where our loyal donors come in! Thanks to platelet donations, patients are able to get back the platelets their bodies need to get better. While platelets are primarily used to help cancer patients, others benefit from them too, like people with rare blood diseases or transplant patients.

-Small cell fragments in the blood that help stop or prevent bleeding
-Made in our bone marrow
-Shelf life is only 5 days
-Used most commonly for surgeries, transplants, and cancer treatments

Now to the good news! You can donate platelets every seven days (max 24 times a year)! So you can be a superhero every week! AND we’re rewarding your selfless act with TBC Rewards Points! Keep in mind, donating platelets takes a little longer than a whole blood donation and can only be done in a center. Through one needle stick and a super fancy machine, your blood is taken and the platelets are filtered out. The rest of your blood components are then given back to you through the same needle. It takes about an hour and a half. Feel free to enjoy your favorite TV shows and snacks on us!

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Donations can only be made at a TBC Center. Please call your local center with any questions or to make an appointment. 

MORE INFO: Click here for a little more explanation about what donation type is best for your blood type.

 To our loyal platelet donors, THANK YOU! Because of you, people in our community are living better, healthier lives.