Meet Us At The Mound

Take me out to the ball game! If The Blood Connection was around back when baseball started, it’d be “take me out to the blood drive.” But it’s too late to change it now…

We get really fired up when baseball season comes back around. It’s the time honored tradition that American families have adored for decades. And it’s our time to ask our communities to step up to the plate, and donate blood.

The Lifesaver League is a partnership with local baseball teams in the areas we serve. It all started about ten years ago with the Greenville Drive. We hit it out of the park so much that when TBC expanded into North Carolina, we pitched the idea to the Asheville Tourists and Durham Bulls. Boom, Lifesaver League was born. Now we’ve expanded in Charleston and have the Charleston RiverDogs on board. These teams really are in a league of their own; a league that represents the true sense of teamwork to bring someone home. Not to home base…home to their family. One blood donation has the power to do that for three people.

 In the same way baseball fans have a sense of camaraderie every game, TBC’s mission is to engage the community to donate blood and save lives. Teaming up with these teams has truly been a home run. Baseball fans get the chance to become donors and life savers, impacting people in their communities. We need more Allstar players on our team. You in?

We are excited to bring some changes to this year’s blood drives. Each team will host at least two blood drives at the team’s field, hence the Meet Us at the Mound campaign. The Drive will be at Fluor Field, The Tourists at McCormick Field, the Bulls at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, and the RiverDogs at Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park. We’re also getting our heads in the game by hosting drives on game days. Donors will get to meet their favorite players and walk away with baseball some swag.

So let’s talk about that swag. Each division has its own seal. Donors will get a shirt and a hat. We have some other giveaways up our sleeve at certain locations (cough cough, we mean tickets to the game). For the last few Greenville Drive blood drives, donors will receive a seat cushion and a TBC/Drive baseball.

We want you in our dugout. This year, donate at any Lifesaver League Blood Drive at the fields or at any of our centers, and you’ll be part of the Lifesaver League. Our mission is so important that we can’t strike out. A batter gets three chances before he’s out. Sometimes patients only have one chance to live another day. That chance could come from a loyal donor.

If you’d like to root root root for the home team with us, we’ll meet you at the mound. Catch us outside, how bat that?

Greenville Drive: 

  • Friday, April 12th 12:00-8:00pm
  • Tuesday, June 11th 11am-8pm
  • Sunday, July 21st 1-6pm
  • Thursday, August 8th 11am-7pm

Asheville Tourists: 

  • Thursday, May 16th 10:30am-3pm
  • Thursday, July 25th 10:30am-3pm

Durham Bulls:

  • Saturday, June 1st 1:30-6:30pm
  • Saturday, July 27th 1:30-6:30pm

Charleston RiverDogs:

  • Thursday, August 1st 3-8pm
  • Tuesday, August 13th 3-8pm