Blood Drive

Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Successful Blood Drive

Have you ever driven past an event and seen a bloodmobile outside? There’s a good chance that was one of our many blood drives! 

Blood drives provide opportunities for communities to come together and donate. These mobile drives allow people to donate blood at a central location that’s convenient for them, which encourages more people to donate. That’s a big deal because the more people that donate, the larger the blood supply!

At The Blood Connection, we make hosting a blood drive easy. Some of the most loyal members of our donor community aren’t just donors; they’re also blood drive hosts. If you’d like to learn more about why blood drives are important and how we can help you host your own blood drive, keep reading.

The Power of Community Blood Drives

Blood drives play a big role in helping us fulfill our mission of saving lives. The blood collected from drives can be used in various medical situations, from surgeries to cancer treatments to childbirth complications. Every donation has the potential to make a life-saving difference for those in need. 

Blood drives bring together a large group of donors, increasing the likelihood that multiple blood types can be collected at a single event. Having a full range of blood types available ensures that every patient can get the blood they need when they need it.

Before attending a blood drive, few people truly understand the importance of maintaining a steady blood supply. Blood drives provide an opportunity to raise awareness for the role of blood donations in healthcare. When they attend or donate in a drive, community members are given a chance to learn about and discuss donating blood, which helps increase the number of regular donors and dispel any misconceptions about the donation process. 

The benefits of hosting a blood drive extend beyond the immediate supply of collected blood. Blood drive hosts play a significant role in creating a generous culture of consistent donation within their community. Once established, this culture can lead to a sustainable and reliable blood supply, which makes it easier for medical professionals to treat immediate medical needs and future emergencies.

Preparing for Success: Planning Your Blood Drive

Hosting a blood drive can have a positive impact on the overall blood supply, but it takes some planning to make it successful. After you’ve contacted The Blood Connection, here are a few steps we recommend for planning your blood drive: 

  1. Pick a location: Since convenience is a big part of a successful blood drive, make sure to find a site that is appealing to potential donors. Show that you’re a good steward of their donation by also being a good steward of their time.
  2. Gauge community interest: Your community is the heart of your blood drive. Having a group of people rally behind you ensures the drive runs smoothly and as many donations as possible are collected. Develop a potential donor list, and start reaching out. Then, challenge those who are interested to spread the word and recruit other donors!
  3. Generate Enthusiasm: Now’s the time to start getting people excited to donate! Whether you reach out personally or post promotional materials, find ways to make the event fun. The best blood drives are those that people are looking forward to.
  4. Recruit help: Running a blood drive takes a lot of work, so you’ll need some help. Find a few volunteers who are willing to help alongside you. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who’s especially passionate about donating blood to get involved.
  5. Show appreciation: Once your blood drive is over, reach out to everyone who donated to show your appreciation. It’s important to recognize — and celebrate — that they just gave a life-saving gift. Acknowledging the significance of their donation will reinforce the importance of donating blood and make them more likely to donate again.

While there are always similarities, every blood drive looks different. Focus on planning what works best for your community. The important thing is educating people about the need for blood donations and getting them excited to meet that need. 

Partnering With The Blood Connection

Our mobile buses and inside setup equipment let you host a blood drive almost anywhere. You can also always bring a group to any of our donation centers. Whatever works best for you works best for us.

To host your blood drive, start by filling out the Host a Drive form on our website. Simply provide some basic information and the estimated number of donors, and we’ll follow up and tell you everything you need to know.

Ready to start planning your blood drive? Contact us today. 

Let the life-saving begin!