Be(er) Local, Save Lives

Be(er) Local, Save Lives

Oktoberfest…For Beer Lovers and Lifesavers!

Leaves…pumpkins…sweater weather…and beer! That’s the sweet sound of October! And there’s no better way to ring in the Fall season than by saving lives with TBC! Good news — we’re teaming up with community-centered breweries the entire month so you can get rewarded for being a lifesaver. 

It’s Oktoberfest the TBC way! Just like our brewery partners, we take pride in being local. As your community blood center, blood donations stay local, so when you donate with TBC, you save lives in the community. To celebrate Oktoberfest and our communities, TBC will be having mobile blood drives at various local breweries. Stop by to donate blood and you’ll walk away with a brewery gift card and snazzy koozie to hold that cold one.

(Please do not drink alcohol before or after donating blood)

Brewery blood drives vary by region: 


2-Oct 4p-8p LoneRider-Wake Forest 1839 S. Main St Ste 600, Wake Forest
5-Oct 12p-5p Fullsteam 726 Rigsbee Ave, Durham
6-Oct 12p-4p Clouds 1233 Front St, Raleigh
18-Oct 4p-8p Morgan St. Food Hall 411 W. Morgan St., Raleigh
19-Oct 12:30p-5:30p Big Boss Brewing 1249 Wicker Dr, Greenville
20-Oct 1p-6p Deep River Brewing 700 W. Main St., Ste 102
25-Oct 4p-8p Morgan St. Food Hall 411 W. Morgan St., Raleigh
26-Oct 12p-6p Pitt St. Brewing 630 S Pitt St., Greenville
26-Oct 1p-6p Oak City Brewing  616 N. First Ave, Knightdale
12-Oct 12-2:30pm Hi-Wire Brewing 800 Taylor St. Durham
19-Oct 2p-6p Lonerider-Raleigh 8816 Gulf Ct., Raleigh 
29-Oct 4p-8p The Glass Jug 5410 NC-55 Suite V, Durham 
31-Oct 4p-8p Trophy Brewing and Tap 656 Maywood Ave, Raleigh 

Upstate SC: 

8-Oct 3:30-8:30pm Keowee Brewing 401 E Main St, Seneca
26-Oct 12-5pm 13 Stripes Brewery 250 Mill Street, Taylors
20-Oct 3:30-6pm Carolina Bauernhaus- Anderson 115 Federal St, Anderson
25-Oct 3-8pm  Iron Hill Brewery 741 Haywood Rd, Greenville


5-Oct 1p-6p Palmetto Brewing Co. 289 Huger St, Charleston
9-Oct 5p-9p Frothy Beard Brewing Co. 1401 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Charleston
12-Oct 11:30-3:30 Low Tide Brewing 2863 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island
13-Oct 11a-3p Holy City Brewing 4155 Dorchester Rd, Charleston
24-Oct 4-8pm Ghost Monkey Brewery 522 Wando Ln, Mt Pleasant
27-Oct 1-5pm Tradesman Brewery 1647 King St Ext N, Charleston
27-Oct 12-4pm Two Blokes Brewery 547 Long Point Rd, Mt Pleasant


6-Oct 4-9pm Asheville Pizza and Brewing 675 Merrimon Ave., Asheville
16-Oct 2-7pm Oskar Blues Brewery 342 Mountain Industrial Dr, Brevard

*Click on each brewery name to make an appointment. 

Local blood donations are especially important as winter approaches. Donations usually take a dip in the colder months. But the demand for blood never stops. That’s why our blood donors are essential to saving lives. Be the difference for someone in your community!

Blood donors must be healthy, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be 17 years old or 16 with written parental consent. Donors must bring a valid photo ID. 

Hurricane Dorian: How You Can Help

Hurricane Dorian: How You Can Help

Hurricane Dorian Threatens Local Blood Supply

As evacuations begin for those in the path of Hurricane Dorian, The Blood Connection has also been forced to move its coastal resources out of the Charleston area. Any resources used to collect blood in that area have been moved to Greenville, SC. More blood drives will be added in order to support the areas where TBC is unable to collect donations during the storm. Most likely, Charleston blood drives will be canceled throughout the week since the buses have been moved.

“We are in a critical time window now to get the donations we need before the hurricane so there is no worry about local supply when it hits, wherever it hits,” said TBC President and CEO, Delisa English. “This is an all hands on deck situation for blood donors. Saving lives is TBC’s everyday responsibility and that doesn’t change when the weather does. Local hospital patients are counting on us.”

Blood donations in the Upstate of South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and Raleigh will be even more vital this week to make sure the local blood supply holds steady through the storm. As communities along the East Coast prepare for the hurricane, blood donors in other communities farther inland are being asked to support those unable to donate or have scheduled blood drives because of the hurricane.

TBC will be opening its Anderson Mall location this week as an emergency collections site: Tuesday-Thursday from 3pm-8pm. Donors do not need an appointment.

Buses normally used in the Charleston area have been reassigned to these Upstate locations:

Walmart-Gaffney Tuesday, Sep 3 2-7P
Walmart-Pickens Tuesday, Sep 3 2-7P
Walmart-Taylors Tuesday, Sep 3 2-7P
Furman University (in front of the bookstore) Wednesday, Sep 4 11A-4P
Clemson University (APO @ Core) Wednesday, Sep 4 + Thursday, Sep 5



Stay tuned to this page for hours and information about emergency sites. Donors can call 1-800-392-6551 with any questions.

Because of the daily crucial need for blood, TBC must operate 365 days a year. To assure that happens, TBC is a member of two national organizations that focus on disaster preparedness: American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and Blood Centers of America (BCA). TBC send needed blood products to affected areas in coordination with BCA’s national resource sharing program. TBC will also follow any disaster response guidelines coming from AABB during a state of emergency. Management and staff have been reviewing those guidelines as Dorian approaches. While TBC’s priority is to supply its local hospitals first, it also has a responsibility to help other communities in times of crisis. Thank you to all the blood donors who will step up this week to help through the storm!

Give Mo’, Get Moe’s

Give Mo’, Get Moe’s

Spice Up a Life: Donate Blood!

If you’re a Moe’s fan, you’ve probably heard of Mo Monday (the best day of the week, are we right?) Well TBC is making Mo Mondays even better! Donate blood with The Blood Connection and you’ll get your fave Moe’s meal for FREE, 2 weeks in a row. We’re not kidding.

For the entire month of September, TBC and Moe’s Southwest Grill are working together to getting people fired up about blood donation. Partnerships like this are essential to the community’s blood supply. Moe’s enthusiasm to partner with TBC has helped the blood center reach new donors and save more lives! That just goes to show that teamwork really does make the dream work.

The Give Mo’ Get Moe’s promotion runs September 9th – September 30th. Donors who give blood at any TBC center on any Monday in September will receive a $20 Moe’s gift card! To find a center near you, click here.

On September 23rd, 11 Moe’s locations will host a blood mobile for a collective blood drive from 4-8 P.M. Blood donors will receive a $20 Moe’s gift card there too. After donating, walk right into your local Moe’s and enjoy a free dinner, a thank you for spicing up/saving someone’s life!


Participating Locations:

449 East Main Street  Spartanburg, SC
6005 Wade Hampton Blvd, # A Taylors, SC 
500 Haywood Rd Greenville, SC 
3144 N Main St Anderson, SC 
360 Merrimon Ave Asheville, NC
168 Shenstone Blvd  Garner, NC
10760 Wakefield Commons Dr  Raleigh, NC
1410 E Broad St Fuquay-Varina, NC 
Belle Hall: 612-A Long Point Rd Mt Pleasant, SC 
9514 Dorchester Rd #106 Charleston, SC 
214 Azalea Square Blvd Summerville, SC 

The Moe’s promotion at TBC donation centers will be held on 09/09, 09/16, 09/23, 09/30. Donor gifts are while supplies last. Mobile drives are only on 09/23.

When donors give blood with The Blood Connection, it stays local. TBC is the primary blood provider for local hospitals, which means when anyone there needs blood, TBC supplies it. While trauma is the most obvious reason for blood usage, cancer patients are usually the number one recipients of blood products. Donations are also needed for burn victims, premature infants, surgeries, and those with blood disorders, to name a few. When community members share blood, healing happens, and families remain whole. 

Blood donors must be healthy, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be 17 years old or 16 with written parental consent. Our centers are open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 7am-5pm. Click here to make an appointment or to call a specific center. 

Behind the Scenes of TBCTV

Behind the Scenes of TBCTV

Introducing TBCTV

The Blood Connection is really excited to roll out our newest video project: TBCTV! Coming soon to all locations, TBCTV is a combination of entertaining and educational videos for donors and visitors to watch while they’re in a center or on a mobile.
Over the years, we’ve found that our strongest message comes through the stories of our donors and blood recipients. TBCTV is an accumulation of many years of hearing those stories and figuring out the best ways to share them. TBCTV viewers will not only hear touching stories, but they’ll also learn important facts about blood donation and why it’s so vital that community donors give on a regular basis. The segments will also let donors know about upcoming promotions and events. Of course, our mission of saving local lives is the focus.
As we mentioned, viewers will hear the stories of several community members, a few we want to highlight here: Emma, Kristen, Temoor, Shantrell, and Kenneth.
Emma Jana from Greenville, SC is a wife and mother of an adorable 1 year old named Liam. Blood donors saved her life after she was in a terrible car accident at the age of 16.
Temoor Dard from Cary, NC is a graduating high school senior and soon to be UNC-Chapel Hill freshman whose grandfather needed blood transfusions during heart surgery. He’s been hosting blood drives since he was 14 years old, even though the school system doesn’t allow in-school blood drives.
Shantrell Vereen from Piedmont, SC is a father of two daughters and a sickle cell patient, which is a hereditary blood disease. That means he needs 8 donors every 3 weeks to live his life comfortably.
Kenneth Greene is a loyal O-Negative blood donor at the Asheville center. He gives because his dad was diagnosed with a blood disorder that required many transfusions at the end of his life.
Kristen Odom from Taylors, SC is a wife and mother of a very active (and very cute) 2 year old, Caroline. Blood donors saved her life after she had labor delivery complications in 2017.
Every single one of these stories showcases a different need in our communities, combining to create a powerful story of neighbors coming together to save lives through TBC. And there are many more stories where those came from. There are many more stories like these, of survival, victory, and love. Our team is not done telling them. TBCTV will continue to grow and expand for many years to come. A special thanks to our partners at 9/8 Central in Greenville, SC for helping us tell these stories in the best way.

“You never know when you or your family will need it. You never know who you’re gonna be helping out…it’s the right thing to do.”  -Kenneth Greene

If you’d like to tell us your story or have any suggestions for TBCTV, email us at marketing@thebloodconnection.org. We want to know your thoughts! To watch some of the full stories, head to our YouTube page.

Life, Liberty, Labor Day

Life, Liberty, Labor Day

Give your Neighbor Life and Liberty

While you’re soaking up the last rays of summer sunshine on Labor Day (and we all need the break, right?), take the time to save a life with The Blood Connection. In the trips-to-the-grocery-store, laundry-folding, making-dinner kind of moments, remember what’s going on in your local hospitals. Doctors and nurses are using donated blood to save lives. That blood comes from neighbors in your community who want to make a difference.


Back by popular demand!
Donate blood at any TBC center from 08/30-09/02 and get a Life and Liberty t-shirt!

We love thanking our donors for being lifesavers! Blood donors will also receive a gift card.

*shirts are while supplies last

Local blood donations are especially important during this critical time of the summer where TBC typically sees a dip in donor turnout. But the demand for blood never takes a vacation. That’s why our blood donors are essential to saving lives this Labor Day weekend. Be the difference for someone in your community!

Click here to find a donation center near you. 

“I’ve been given my life back:” Kristen Odom’s Story

“I’ve been given my life back:” Kristen Odom’s Story

Because 25 Blood Donors Gave Her Life

You can tell from her smile that Kristen Odom is full of joy. Just talk to her for 30 seconds, and you’ll find that joy stems from her overwhelming gratitude. She’s happily married with an adorable 2-year-old, Caroline, and loves her job teaching at a local school. Sure, that’s a lot to be thankful for…no wonder she’s so happy!

But talk to her a little bit longer, and it’s clear there’s a reason for that abundant thankfulness. Almost 2 years ago, Odom had complications after her daughter’s delivery. Odom was only able to hold her beautiful newborn baby for several minutes, before she started feeling dizzy. Seconds later, she was whisked away to an operating room with no explanation.

“Everything was super easy, non dramatic, up until it was not.”

Turns out, Odom had been bleeding internally for a while. She had lost a lot of blood. After racing her to the operating room, doctors at St. Francis Eastside immediately started blood transfusions to save her life. All in all, she received more than 25 units of red cells, platelets, and plasma. Those products came from donors with The Blood Connection, the primary blood supplier for the St. Francis-Bon Secours hospital system.

Odom’s husband and brand new dad waited for hours for a head nod from doctors that she was ok. Finally, four hours later…some good news. Doctors had found the source of the bleed and were able to completely replenish Odom’s body with blood products. Once the shock of everything wore off, both Odom and her husband realized that local blood donors had saved her life.

“I would not be here today if that [blood products] wasn’t there…I know that it was because about 25 people donated blood, it saved my life,” said Odom. “I needed so much of it…it was there because there was enough…I’ve been given my life back.”

So yes, Odom and her husband, Brent, are the stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of couple. They understand true gratitude because it lives and breathes in the form of their daughter.

“I often think about it in the little things like we celebrate her birthday, it’s a pretty day outside, or we’re at the beach…this day I get to enjoy because somebody donated blood. I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude…it just still shocks me to this day…here we are, living a completely normal life…because blood was available and they did what they needed to do right away.”

Watching Caroline grow up (too fast) reminds Brent Odom of the moment he thought he might have to raise her alone.

“I remember sitting in the NICU with Caroline that evening…and just remember praying, Lord, I can’t do this alone, so I’m just so thankful that she’s [his wife] here today, because of donors.”

As an O-Negative donor, Brent is now committed to donating blood every time he’s eligible, every 56 days. It’s his way of paying it forward.

Now the Odoms are using their story of survival to spread the message about blood donation. They’re reminded of it when they’re chasing little Caroline around in their quaint Taylors, SC neighborhood or singing Caroline’s favorite song, “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round,” over and over again. That contagious song may never get out of their heads, and neither will their appreciation for every local blood donor.

Blood donors have the chance to do what others did for the Odoms, every day. Step on a donation bus or into a TBC center and that opportunity awaits.

TBC is here to answer any questions about donating blood. Click here to find a list of center locations and here for a list of upcoming blood drives in the Upstate. To those who already donate, thank you for spreading the love throughout your community! We hope you enjoy a peek into the life of the Odom family below.