The Blood Connection Reopens Hendersonville Donation Center

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — After many requests from local residents, The Blood Connection (TBC) will reopen its blood donation center at 825 Spartanburg Highway in Hendersonville on Monday, February 3. The center will open with limited days and hours in order to best support local blood donors and community hospitals. At a later date, the center will be open regular business hours. 

The non-profit community blood center is the exclusive blood provider for almost every Western North Carolina hospital – including Mission Health and Advent Health. The Hendersonville center is now one of 10 permanent TBC donation centers in the Carolinas, three of which have opened in 2020. In January 2019, the Hendersonville Center closed after the TBC Arden Donation Center opened fifteen miles away. The Hendersonville location was then used as a staging and warehouse area to support mobile collections efforts. After an overwhelming response to the closure from donors, who stressed the importance of having a donation center close by, TBC redirected resources to reopen the center this year. In addition, TBC’s rapid growth last year and success in serving more hospitals makes the Hendersonville center a vital resource to ensure hospitals’ needs. Surgery patients, accident victims, patients with cancer and newborn babies are all examples of people who count on the local blood supply.

“Donors will now be able to give more frequently because of this location and they’ll find the center a warm and welcoming space to donate,” says TBC President and CEO Delisa K. English. “For the past year, many from this area have had to donate on our blood mobiles, or perhaps drive to our Arden Donation Center.”

TBC first began supplying blood products to North Carolina in 2011 and has been growing ever since. While continuing to serve communities in Western NC, TBC expanded services in 2017 to include Wake, Durham and Orange Counties, and last month, opened a Raleigh donation center. TBC’s newest donation center in Hendersonville will expand its ability to collect and distribute lifesaving blood products in Western NC, giving some Asheville residents another option closer to home.

Donating blood is a simple way to help someone in need, says English. “Blood is a lifeline during an emergency and so important for patients who need long-term treatments, and many of us know someone who will need it during our lifetime. When a Mission Health patient receives a blood transfusion, this blood comes from The Blood Connection. Therefore, local blood donations truly make a difference to our friends and neighbors in the local community. This is why it’s wonderful that there’s another center where locals can donate.”


Temporary Hours:

Sunday and Wednesday: 7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Monday and Tuesday: 9:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Thursday – Saturday: CLOSED

Donors can find more information at