The Blood Connection Helps Stock the Shelves of Breast Milk Donation Organization

TBC Partners with MUSC Health, Mother’s Milk Bank of South Carolina and Ronald McDonald House Charities for Statewide Blood Drive

CHARLESTON, SC (July 13, 2022) – Amid the baby formula shortage, local milk banks not only have the burden of keeping their shelves stocked, they also have a huge responsibility of helping babies in the NICU. That’s one reason The Blood Connection (TBC) is partnering with MUSC Health and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) for an emergency blood drive to not only stock the shelves with lifesaving blood products, but to also raise money for Mother’s Milk Bank of South Carolina (MMBSC). The Emergency Blood Drive to Stock the Shelves will be July 20th from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at various MUSC Health locations across South Carolina.

While infant formula can sometimes be replaced with breast milk, and vice versa, there is no replacement for blood. This emergency blood drive comes at a crucial time as TBC is seeing its blood supply drop to critical levels, and TBC could be facing its own shortage soon. By partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities and MUSC Health, TBC hopes to amplify its mission to find new, consistent blood donors. TBC provides blood products to all three major Lowcountry hospitals, including MUSC Health, many of which care for infants that also need blood products daily.

Similar to TBC, Mother’s Milk Bank of SC is a non-profit that services hospitals in South Carolina. MMBSC is a part of MUSC Health, and its mission is to provide safe, pasteurized donor milk to infants through milk donors. The milk bank is a fully accredited member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

“Mother’s Milk Bank of South Carolina is excited to partner with The Blood Connection and Ronald McDonald House Charities on this statewide blood drive,” says Lindsay Millonzi, Milk Bank Manager of Mother’s Milk Bank of South Carolina. “For every blood donor MMBSC will get $10, which will help subsidize the costs that go into processing and distributing quality human donor milk to the most vulnerable SC infants. On top of the monetary donations, we’re excited to bring more awareness to breast milk donation.”

“Blood donations provide lifesaving resources to our patients,” says Joe Bernard, COO, MUSC Health Midlands Division. “We are excited for our partnership with The Blood Connection because the need for blood never stops. Donors are needed now to help save lives in our community.”

On top of donating $10 to MMBSC, TBC will also be donating $10 to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) for every blood donor. RMHC gives a family with a sick child what they need most – each other. Their mission is to create compassionate environments and programs that provide families the best chance of success in caring for their children with complex medical needs.

“RMHC Charleston and RMHC Columbia proudly support the growth of Mother’s Milk Bank of South Carolina and promote the necessary, ongoing blood collection for South Carolina,” says Kathy ‘kp’ Papadimitriou, CEO RMHC Charleston.

For every blood donor at the Stock the Shelves blood drive, TBC will donate $10 to MMBSC and $10 to RMHC. The blood drive locations include MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, MUSC Health Summey Medical Pavilion, MUSC Health West Ashley at Citadel Mall, MUSC Health East Cooper, MUSC Health Florence, MUSC Health Columbia Medical Center Downtown, MUSC Health Columbia Medical Center Northeast, and MUSC Health Kershaw Medical Center. Donors are urged to sign up right now at

To find opportunities to donate blood, donors can make an appointment by going to or by calling 864-255-5000.