The Blood Connection to Plant 20,000 Trees to Boost Local Blood Donations in October

Blood Donors Save Local Lives, Lower CO2 Emissions, and Create Jobs

THE CAROLINAS AND GEORGIA (October 3, 2022) Expanding its commitment to saving lives in local communities and beyond, The Blood Connection (TBC) is now giving blood donors the chance to lower CO2 emissions, create jobs in Africa, and empower women, all while donating blood with their community blood center.  In October, TBC will partner with Forestmatic to plant one tree in Northeastern Uganda for every blood donor.  TBC is asking for the community’s help to reach the goal of planting 20,000 trees, as part of a national goal in conjunction with other blood centers to plant 160,000 trees total. Twenty-two other blood centers are taking part in this campaign.

The trees included in this initiative will be planted in the Kijani Forest in the northeast region of Uganda by local farmers: 60% of whom are women, which will help create jobs and income for Ugandans.  In addition, these trees will provide local communities with long-term access to resources like fuelwood, fruit, and timber, while also preventing soil erosion, increasing water retention, and improving soil fertility in Ugandan communities.  For just one year of work, it is projected that participating farmers will see a $3,500 increase in their household income over ten years: a 400% increase compared to existing employment. In addition, it’s estimated that 23,000 trees offsets around 1455.9 tonnes of CO2e.

After their donation, blood donors will be able to see their tree, the farmer who planted it, and its location as it grows by going to  Donors can see the full impact of their donation on TBC’s dashboard, including the total number of trees planted, total cumulative tons of CO2e offset, and an interactive map featuring data on every tree planted. Blood donors will receive an email about how to access their tree within seven days of their donation. 

 “The Blood Connection is thrilled to support a program that will not only thank our invaluable blood donors, but also help provide women with jobs and improve the ozone layer,” said Marie Forrestal, Vice President of Donor Resources at The Blood Connection.  “We’re excited to give blood donors an opportunity to save both local lives and the planet.”

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, donors can also dedicate their tree to someone who battled or is battling breast cancer (or for any other reason).  Donors can dedicate their tree by filling out the form at  TBC will also have pink arm wraps available in all centers and bloodmobiles in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

While impacting the world through their blood donation, TBC donors also impact their local communities, as TBC provides blood to more than 100 hospitals and healthcare partners across South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.  One blood donation has the power to save three lives. TBC is thankful to blood donors who donate locally to contribute to the stability of the community blood supply.

To make an appointment to donate blood at a center or blood drive, go to Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome.