Donor Benefit Plan

What is a Donor Benefit Plan?

It is a medical expense assistance program and a thank you for our loyal, dedicated blood donors and blood drive sponsor organizations.

There are a number of costs associated with medical care including transfusion costs at the hospital for blood infusion supplies, nursing administration of transfusions and for laboratory testing to match the blood components with the recipient. There are also processing costs for The Blood Connection to have the blood available.

Generally, medical insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid cover such expenses. However, such insurance plans also generally require certain deductible amounts or co-payments be borne by the insured, thus leaving a residual “out-of-pocket” expense.

The Donor Benefit Plan helps offset a qualified beneficiary’s medical expense if and when transfusion is part of the medical treatment received. It does not cover any specific item related to the transfusion, nor does it cover expenses of any kind when transfusion is not part of the patient’s medical care.

The Benefits – How Much of the Cost is Covered?

A $25.00 benefit is provided for each unit of volunteer donated whole blood, red blood cells, leukoreduced red blood cells, apheresis platelets or fresh frozen plasma transfused anywhere in the United States per qualified beneficiary per year. Autologous and Directed transfusions are not covered.

The Plans and Plan Beneficiaries

Group Benefit Plans

Blood drive sponsor organizations (companies, churches, schools, civic organizations, etc.) qualify all the sponsor’s constituents and constituents’ immediate families by:

  • Having at least 25% of their blood donor-aged constituents donate* in any consecutive 12 month period OR
  • Hosting at least four blood drives in a 12-month period and average at least 15% participation* among its blood donor-aged constituents.

To arrange a blood drive, sponsor groups should contact The Blood Connections Donor Resources Department at 864.751.3069.

Blood replacement drives are also managed as Group Benefit Plans. In this case replacement donations are arranged when a blood recipient is not a constituent within a blood drive sponsor’s organization. Instead, by donating or hosting a blood drive individual donors and ad hoc blood drive organizers “replace” the blood the recipient has received. The qualified beneficiary is the blood transfusion recipient or designee.

To arrange a blood replacement drive interested parties should contact The Blood Connections Donor Resources Department at 864.751.3069.

Family Benefit Plans

Donor’s Immediate Family

Individual blood donors who are not employees or members of a blood drive sponsor group may use their donations to set up a Family Benefit Plan that covers them and their immediate family (spouse, parent, child, step-child, foster-child, step-parent, and foster-parent).** Two annual donations* are required to maintain benefits of the plan.

Donor’s Virtual Family

Individual donors may also use their donations to create a virtual Family Benefit Plan for another family or individual. An information form must be completed and returned to provide The Blood Connection with the head of household’s full name, address, and gender. Beneficiaries of this plan are the head of household and his or her immediate family (spouse, parent, child, step-child, foster-child, step-parent, and foster-parent)** Two annual donations* are required to maintain benefits of the plan. Donations* may be credited to this plan by any donor. Benefits become available after a 45-day waiting period.

* Apheresis platelet donations and automated red cell/platelet/plasma donations count as two donations.

** As defined by the U.S. Department of Labor 29CFR 780.308

How does a patient file a Donor Benefit Claim?

Contact the Donor Benefit Claims Manager at 864.751.3031

Please have the following information available when you call:

  • Patient’s full name
  • Patient’s telephone number
  • Patient’s mailing address
  • Patient’s coverage category
    (see “The Plans and Plan Beneficiaries” – above)

The patient (or patient’s representative) will be instructed to submit a photocopy of the patient’s itemized hospital bill to the address below. A summary bill is inadequate.

Mail the documents to:

Donor Benefits Claims Manager
The Blood Connection
1099 Bracken Rd.
Piedmont, SC 29673

How will the beneficiary receive the benefit?

A benefit check will be mailed directly to the beneficiary after the claim information is collected and verified.

Are there time limits to submit a claim?

Yes. The Donor Benefit expires twelve months from the date of transfusion.