Directed Donation

A directed donation is one given by a donor chosen by the patient. The blood is used for the patient’s transfusion. A physician’s order is required and units need to be collected at least 5 working days prior to the planned surgery. The patient and the attending physician sign this request.

Each directed donor is screened and tested in the same manner as volunteer blood donors, and must meet the same qualifications. If the directed donor’s blood passes all the appropriate tests and is compatible with the intended recipient, it is then made available for the patient’s use. Although all blood components can be “directed”, generally directed units are red blood cells and can be used for the patient up to 42 days after collection.

For more information on directed donations, please call:

Shayna Shuford
(864) 232-8437

Donations must be scheduled ahead of time in order to assure accurate and timely service; no walk-ins, please.