Autologous Donation

Donating blood for your own surgery is called an autologous donation. These blood units are collected and stored until the patient’s surgery. They are available only for the patient from whom they were collected. Based upon anticipated blood loss, the patient’s doctor determines the number of blood units to be collected.  Although these units can be stored for 35 days, allowing the patient to donate several units of blood during the weeks before surgery, the units must be collected at least 3 days prior to surgery.

A physician’s order is required. Because safety of the patient is always the highest priority, the patient must meet certain health and medical criteria.

Because this is a medical procedure rather than a volunteer blood donation, a patient may donate every few days until the required number of units are collected. Often, the doctor prescribes supplemental iron tablets to bolster the patient’s production of new blood cells.

Special handling is required for each autologous unit to insure proper storage and distribution. In addition, each unit is tested for maximum safety.

For more information on autologous donations, please call:

Shayna Shuford
(864) 232-8437

Donations must be scheduled ahead of time in order to assure accurate and timely service; no walk-ins, please.