Pass Your Power

Because of the urgent need for convalescent plasma as COVID-19 cases rise, we are offering a special rewards program for our donors who donate convalescent plasma. Every time you donate convalescent plasma, you will automatically receive 4000 points, which is a $100 value (eGift card). You can see your earned points on the Donation History page in the TBC Donor Portal.

All CCP Donations

4000 TBC Reward points

4,000 TBC Reward points = $100 egift card

Redeemable on the TBC Donor Portal Online Store

COVID-19 Warrior

Being a survivor of COVID-19 is no small feat.  Your recovery has left you with a gift that only you can use to empower someone else fighting this disease.  The antibodies in your blood can be transfused into COVID-19 patients, to aid in their recovery. 

Watch Lisa’s story on the right to hear how Convalescent Plasma saved her life!

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