New Donors

Why Donate?

Donating blood saves lives. It’s that simple. In fact, every whole blood donation can save up to 3 lives. Give the gift of life, and ensure a stable community blood supply by donating today! Someone needs a blood transfusion every two seconds, and one in ten patients entering a hospital will need blood. Over 500 people need to donate every day to meet the daily needs of the hospitals we serve and be prepared for emergencies. In order to collect the units needed, The Blood Connection must screen between 550-600 people a day for blood, platelet, plasma and double red cell units. Blood is good for only 42 days, so donors are needed every day to ensure a stable blood supply.


Important Donor Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a blood donor. Click below to learn more about how you can help us make the donation process safe for yourself and patients who might receive your blood. If you have any questions now or anytime during the screening process, please ask The Blood Connection’s friendly staff.


 16 Year Old Donors

Many students have expressed the desire to donate blood to help save lives. Lowering the age to 16 helps strengthen the blood supply, and legislation has been passed that allows 16 year olds to participate in the donation process. 16 year olds must have parental consent. Several states have been accepting blood donations from 16 year olds for years. In fact, Washington has been allowing teens to donate for more than 30 years! Download parental consent form.


Donation Transfers

If you have donated with another blood bank and want your previous donations to be recognized by The Blood Connection, please fill out our online form.