1. Read through these instructions to complete the online health history questionnaire.

2. Select Click to Begin Questionnaire button at the bottom of the page.

3. Press the appropriate button indicating the language you want to take the health history questionnaire: English or Spanish version.

4. Enter responses to the displayed questions:

  • Are you a first time donor?: Check “Yes” or “No”
  • Enter your birthdate: Enter date of birth as MM/DD/YYYY
  • Select the appropriate gender: “Male” or “Female”

5. Select appropriate response to each DHQ question. Select “Next” after each entry.

Note: If you are uncertain how to answer the DHQ question, don’t select a response to the question, select “Next” to skip the question. At the donation site, the tech will review your health history questionnaire and will discuss responses to determine your suitability to donate.

6. Upon the completion of the questionnaire, a “Review” screen will be displayed. Review your responses and make desired changes to responses, if needed.

7. Select Generate Donor Pass at the bottom of the Review screen. Then select OK.

8. Print or email the “eXpress” Donor Pass.

  • If printing the “eXpress” Donor Pass, bring the pass to the donation site you intend to donate.
  • If emailing the “eXpress” Donor Pass, email the pass to an email that can be opened and displayed on your phone or tablet at the donation site you intend to donate.


  • The “eXpress” Donor Pass will contain three (3) bar codes.
  • The “eXpress” Donor Pass can only be used on the day you completed the questionnaire.
  • If printing emailed donor pass, print bar codes from PDF attachment in email message. Do not print bar codes displayed in “body” of the email.