How to Host a Drive

Host a Drive 2The Blood Connection needs your help in identifying businesses, churches, and schools in your community that are willing to host a blood drive. Please take a moment to think about a potential host.

How many donors do I need to hold a blood drive?

25 to 50 or more committed donors depending on the size of your group or organization. A full day blood drive can be held with as few as 50 donors.

What is a committed donor?

Someone who has signed up on the blood drive sign-up sheet. Our experience shows that prospective donors who sign up in advance feel more committed to donate than those who say “I’ll donate, but don’t want to make an appointment”.

When can I schedule a date for my blood drive?

Contact your donor resource manager at The Blood Connection when you have a commitment of at least 25 donors. It is best to schedule a blood drive two months in advance, but check with us because there may be earlier openings.

From donor to recipient, the journey of blood from one citizen to another could not begin without a call to action. Recent studies have found that only 37 percent of the U. S. population is eligible to donate blood, and less than 10% are actively engaged in doing so each year. At The Blood Connection and other American not-for-profit blood centers, hard-working, diligent donor-recruitment staffs reach out to blood drive sponsors and to individuals asking for support of community blood programs. Help in this effort comes from enthusiastic participation from media outlets (which assist in “spreading the word”) and from businesses (which often provide discount coupons or other welcome forms of gratitude for blood donations). Because of these marketing and public relations efforts, citizens become aware of the need for blood in the community and become regular and frequent volunteer blood donors. The Blood Connection goal is to collect over 100,000 plasma, platelets and whole blood donations per year.