Host a Drive Planning and Recruitment

featuredHow to Plan a Drive and Start Recruiting Donors

Hosting a blood drive is a great way to get your business, school, church, or organization involved in saving lives right here in our community! Follow these simple steps to plan your drive and encourage donors to participate!

Planning – What I Need to do Before the Blood Drive

  1. Contact your donor resource manager at The Blood Connection when you have a commitment of at least 25 donors, and plan on scheduling a blood drive two months in advance.
  2. Confirm details, dates, times and location.
  3. Add the blood drive date to your business, school, church, or organization’s calendar.
  4. Create a goal and share it with your group as motivation.
  5. Gather a team of people to help with the recruiting process.
  6. Encourage donor to sign up in advance to minimize wait time.

Recruiting – How do I get Donors to Come to the Drive?

  • Find someone affiliated with your business, school, church, or organization that has been affected by blood donation, and ask them to share their testimonial. Donating blood changes lives, and having a donor story will make the experience more personal.
  • Advertise the drive with posters, emails, bulletins, newsletters and on your website.
  • Personally ask donors face to face to give blood – be enthusiastic and remind donors that their donations can help save lives! Remember that the prospect of giving blood can cause uneasiness – especially for first time donors. Explain to a potential donor all that is involved in donating, and answer any questions that they may have. You should also inform them how their donation will help those in need. That being said, do not guilt or pressure anyone into donating.
  • The Blood Connection offers the TBC Rewards Program to all donors which allows them to get points every time they donate which can be redeemed as e-cards. TBC Rewards is also available as a company-wide initiative.
  • Friendly competition never hurts:
    • IDEA 1: Set a goal for your organization for all to reach
    • IDEA 2: Divide your organization and pit team against team to see who can recruit the most donors
    • IDEA 3: Pit your organization against another organization
  • Have donors schedule appointments in advance. While you can still offer a sign up table on the day of the event, having scheduled appointments will help avert long wait times.
  • Send friendly reminders as the date gets closer.
  • Call people who do not show up on the day of the drive.
  • Promote the drive’s success to encourage future donations!