First Time Donor Program

Donor-ID-CardWelcome to the Blood Connection!

Making Blood Donation a Priority for Life

Finding and retaining new donors is critical to ensure an ongoing, strong blood supply. The Blood Connection offers TBC Rewards PLUS to new donors, not only as a thank you, but as a way to instill the important habit of blood donation and giving back to one’s community.

You will receive your Donor Identification Card by mail within 4-5 weeks of your first donation. Please present this card to our friendly staff, and The Blood Connection will readily access your basic demographic information to verify your identity and expedite check-in. You are well on your way to becoming a BLOOD DONOR 4 LIFE!

Within 48 hours of your donation, you will receive a Thank You Email from our president, Delisa English. Included in this email is your donation information (both past and present), Donor ID Number, and a link to the Donor Dashboard where you can get started redeeming your TBC Rewards points.

If you have recently turned 16, check out our TBC16 section and sign-up to start saving lives today!