Donor ID Card

Your Membership for Life

Improving the Donor Experience

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the donor experience The Blood Connection introduced Donor ID cards that included a bar code. The bar code  speeds the check-in process for donors and more readily facilitates positive identification. The uniquely designed cards also incorporate the donor’s blood type and a QR (quick read) code that directs them to a web page that provides educational information about their specific blood type.  And, the card is a tangible reminder that, as a blood donor, you are making an important  difference in the lives and health of the community.

Membership Benefits:

  • Assures a Safe Blood Supply
  • Ensures Your Identity is Secure
  • Improves Your Donation Experience
  • Offers TBC Rewards Privileges

*If you are a first time donor, your ID card will be mailed to you within 4-6 week of your initial donation. If your Donor ID card has been lost, stolen, or if it has been over 48 days since your initial donation, and you would like to request a new card, click the button above, and your request will be processed.

TBC Rewards Program

The TBC Rewards Program recognizes donors who have committed to saving lives through blood donation, and it is our way of thanking donors each time they help save a life. As a TBC donor, you’re already a member of the TBC Rewards program. To activate your personal account, you must SIGN UP. You will receive 50 points (one time only) as a special SIGN UP bonus. Once you’ve signed up, you can visit your account by just clicking Donor Login and providing your Donor ID Number and password.

As a special Thank You to our member donors for helping save lives, The Blood Connection also partners with sponsors throughout our community to offer special incentives to Donor ID card holders.