COVID-19 Antibody Testing

The Blood Connection is offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing as a service to all donors. This testing will detect if the donor’s blood contains the COVID-19 antibodies. Results will be made available 7 business days after donation.

This is not COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Positive test results do not confirm infection or immunity.

Donors must complete a donation to have this testing done. To learn more about the type of testing, click the button below.

Viewing Your Results

Following your COVID-19 Antibody Test, you will be able to view the results in your Donor Portal in an internet browser (on any device). These results will take about 7 business days after your donation to process. Your results will be listed under the “My Test Results” icon. Please note, a positive COVID-19 Antibody Test does not mean that you are immune from COVID-19 or any other virus. However, it does mean that you may be eligible to donate convalescent plasma and help those who are still recovering from the virus.

Stay Home If You Are Unwell

Please remember, the COVID-19 Antibody Test is NOT a way for you to find out if you are currently infected with this virus. If you are at all feeling unwell, please stay home and consider donating with us once you have recovered.

Donate Convalescent Plasma

The Blood Connection has established a program to work with clinicians and our community to locate positive COVID-19 patients who have recovered to take part in FDA-approved COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Collection.

Studies suggest that using the plasma had some success in reducing symptoms and death in past outbreaks, but its true efficacy has not been proved in rigorous clinical trials.

More Information About Antibody Testing

How Do I Donate?

First, make an appointment by 864.751.1155.

Second, make sure you meet all of the donor requirements listed above and fill out the Donor Form.

Thirdly, once that is set, you will come to donate Whole Blood. Whole blood is the “regular donation” that most people think about when donating blood.


  • Must be 16+ years old (those 16 yrs. old must have parental consent)
  • Must have Photo ID or Blood Donor Card
  • Must be at least 110lbs
  • Must be feeling healthy

If you currently are not feeling well and think you could have symptoms of COVID-19, please DO NOT come to donate blood at this time. Stay home, call your doctor, and come donate with us when you are feeling well again. Remember: The TBC COVID-19 Antibody Test does not test if you currently have COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the COVID-19 Antibody Test?

The COVID-19 Antibody Test is a new service that The Blood Connection will be provided to all donors. This test will look at each donor’s blood to see if it contains the antibodies that could help those who are currently fighting COVID-19.

How is this test different from COVID-19 Testing?

This test is much different. The COVID-19 testing, which is often administered by a nasal swab, detects if the patient is positive for the coronavirus. The COVID-19 Antibody Test, which is conducted through a test of a sample of the donor’s blood donation, does not test for the presence of COVID-19.

Do I have to pay for this test?

No, The Blood Connection is offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing for every donor as a service to the community.

Do I have to be a blood donor?

Yes, in order to get the COVID-19 Antibody Test, a complete donation must be given. You don’t have to be a current donor with TBC to receive the COVID-19 Antibody Test. This test is only available to those who complete a whole blood, platelets, or plasma donation where samples are successfully collected. A complete donation is required because we test the samples collected in the sample tubes at the end of each donation.

Will I be able to receive the results of the test?

Yes! The results of your COVID-19 Antibody Test will be provided to you online about 7 business days after your donation.

Will the test results be in my TBC Donor Portal?

Yes! You will be able to log in to your TBC Donor Portal, click on the “My Test Results” icon and then click on the COVID-19 Antibody Test tab.

If I test positive for the antibodies, does that mean I am immune to COVID-19?

This is not a diagnostic test. Receiving a positive test does not mean that you are or have been infected with the COVID-19 virus. Both the FDA and CDC have said that they are still researching these antibodies and that receiving a positive COVID-19 antibody test DOES NOT mean the individual has immunity to the COVID-19 virus. However, it is indicative of your body’s immune response to COVID-19. It also means that you may be eligible to donate convalescent plasma, which could potentially save the life of someone in your community who is fighting COVID-19. Click here to learn more about convalescent plasma.

If I have already tested positive for COVID-19 or the COVID-19 antibodies, can I donate convalescent plasma?

Yes! As long as you have written documentation of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and are 14 days without symptoms or if you have a positive COVID-19 antibody test, then you are eligible to donate convalescent plasma. This will help those currently battling COVID-19! Please call 864.751.1168 to make your donation appointment or visit thebloodconnection.org/convalescent-plasma to learn more.