Tyler Rountree

At the age of 3 months, Tyler Rountree was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia which is a blood disorder that affects the red blood cells. As a result of the… Read More

Skyla Rippy

Prayers for Skyla Meet Skyla Rippy from Rutherfordton, NC – Skyla suffers from Diamond-Blackfan Anemia. DBA is a rare blood disorder, characterized by a failure of the bone marrow (the center… Read More

Stacie Banister

A Team United Stacie Banister is a 7th Grade Science Teacher at Hickory Tavern School in Laurens County. She began donating blood in 1990. After being persuaded by a close… Read More

Sam I Am

Before their children were born, Kent and Ashland Brown frequently donated blood together to help save lives, but they never imagined they might one day need blood for one of… Read More

Bobbie Brakefield

Miracle Man Gives More of ‘Life’ After Dangerous Accident Bobbie Brakefield felt his body wrap around the tank of his V-Twin Suzuki Intruder. He felt a pain so sharp, it… Read More

German & Moffett Families

Connecting Lives for Generations Donating blood and helping save lives just comes naturally to some individuals. To the German and Moffett families, giving blood, and motivating others to give, is… Read More

Allan Burden

Donations of Life Lead to Extra Innings Allan Burden woke one morning with stomach pains and thought he might have a virus. When his pain became unbearable, he went to… Read More

Katie-Belle Cooley

Best Friends For Life Ask 5-year old Katie-Belle Cooley who her best friends are, and she’ll say, “Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma!” Ask her mom Karen the same question,… Read More

John Hatfield

A Second Chance At Life In 1988, a young man at John Hatfield’s church was diagnosed with leukemia and receiving chemotherapy.  The man was newly married with a baby on… Read More

Travis Fortson

Travis Fortson had given blood since his college days at the Citadel. He always enjoyed helping others and gave as often as he could. But never would he have expected that blood would save his own life.