Blood Product Utilization

The Blood Connection products derived from donated blood are divided into three main utilization categories.

  1. Provided to healthcare partners locally and nationally for the treatment of patients
    • Whole blood, red blood cells, and leukoreduced red blood cells for the treatment of anemia
    • Apheresis Platelets for the treatment of bleeding due to lack of platelets or platelet dysfunction
    • Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate for treatment of bleeding due to lack of or dysfunction of clotting proteins
  2. Provided to pharmaceutical derivative manufacturers for the preparation of blood-derived infusion products
    • Albumin and plasma protein fraction for blood volume expansion
    • Clotting factor proteins for treatment of hemophilia, von-Willibrands Disease and other clotting protein deficiencies
    • Immune globulins for treatment of general (gamma globulin) immune deficiency or specific (hepatitis B Immune Globulin, etc.) immune deficiencies
  3. Provided to blood reagent manufacturers for the preparation of blood typing reagents
    • Group A and B cells for reverse blood grouping
    • Group O, antigen typed cells for antibody screening cells and for antibody identification cell panels
    • Blood Typing Serums