Stacie Banister

A Team United

NLEW-Stacie-Banister-Platelet-Donation-T-Shirt-TeamStacie Banister is a 7th Grade Science Teacher at Hickory Tavern School in Laurens County. She began donating blood in 1990. After being persuaded by a close friend, she began donating platelets in July 2013. Stacie has seen the devastating effects of cancer as her grandmother had lymphoma as well as dear friend of hers recently passed from several types of cancer. Stacy knew that her platelet donations may not help her loved ones at the time of her donation but would help someone’s loved ones and wanted to help.

In the 2013-2014 school year her homeroom class began to think of ideas about their field day. Their new PE teacher was encouraging the teams to be more unified and more spirited. They also had begun learning about the human body, blood and the circulatory system. Stacie and her class discussed ideas and decided that they wanted a blood connection shirt as a team shirt for their field day. This also was a great idea for the kids as their school is in the lower income percentile and wouldn’t have to come up with money for the shirts.

Stacie began donating platelets every two weeks to earn her ticket for a Blood Connection t-shirt for her students to wear. She enjoyed coming to the Woodruff center to donate. She enjoyed her time there and knew she was not only helping cancer patients, but she was also helping her students as well. Stacie educated her friends and relatives and encouraged them to donate with her.

Her dedication paid off and she was able to donate enough times for the 2013-2014 school year to provide each of her students with a Blood Connection t-shirt.  The kids really liked being unified and having shirts that were alike. It made them feel like they were part of a real team and they had an appreciation for their teacher. She not only helped her students, but she also gave the gift of life to strangers. Banister-Class-Front