German & Moffett Families

Connecting Lives for Generations

Donating blood and helping save lives just comes naturally to some individuals. To the German and Moffett families, giving blood, and motivating others to give, is a family affair. Their life story spans three generations with the promise of loyal blood donors for years to come.

Bill and Cathy German’s life-sharing experience began in 1958. Both had joined the Navy and were stationed at the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Memphis, TN. There they met, fell in love, and married, all within a period of six months. Their first exposure to blood donation was on “vampire liberty” a term used by the enlisted personnel when referring to the civilian blood bank that paid cash for their blood. Cathy says: “At the time, I thought receiving money for blood wasn’t the right reason to donate.” Bill just smiles.

After ten years of military service, Bill and Cathy moved to Greenville, South Carolina, to raise their growing family. Bill began donating first. He has received his seven gallon donor pin and Kathy is a five gallon donor pin recipient. When asked about why he started giving blood Bill says, “I wish I had a glamorous reason or story, but all I can remember is thinking that it was the right thing to do.” When he’s not donating blood, you can find Bill at the local Home Depot where he is currently employed and in his 22nd year of dedicated service.

Following in her parent’s footsteps, Jodee, the youngest of their six children, began giving blood in 2005 while working at, what is now, Windstream. Shortly after her first donation, Jodee convinced her husband, Ben, to get on board. At the time Ben was the owner of Reactive Paintball and he in turn, sponsored a blood drive that saw over fifty paintball players donate blood.

But their story of giving and motivating others to donate doesn’t end here. Ben and Jodee’s children, seven year old Mason and five year old Kyra, were chosen as promotional models for the Bruster’s Ice Cream “Pint for a Pint” Blood  Drive.

Although they may not understand  their contribution now,  Mason and Kyra are part of a much bigger picture that helps save lives, one scoop at a time. This family team is a great example of how donating blood naturally connects lives, both for recipients and for future donors.