Monica Pryor


Blood Donations Extend A Mother’s Life

Monica Pryor was a mother of 3 children and a stage 4 cancer patient. She had regular chemotherapy treatments, regular scans to monitor tumor growth, and physical therapy to help strengthen her weakened body. She had a family and community who stood by her faithfully while she battled ‘non small cell’ lung cancer.

In April, 2008, Monica took a turn for the worse and was admitted to St. Francis Hospital for oxygen and a blood transfusion. Monica’s mother remembers the doctor’s grave words. He said, “Are you ready to let her go? She’s getting worse. The doctor didn’t think she’d leave the hospital.”

Monica’s shortness of breath and severe drowsiness were caused by a lack of oxygen. She was given 3 units of blood that day and it dramatically changed Monica’s condition. The red blood cells carried vital oxygen to the tissues in her body, giving Monica six more months with her family and friends.

Monica Pryor defied all the odds, living almost 2 years after her cancer was diagnosed. She succumbed to her disease on October 27, 2008.