Needing Blood

Donor Services

Autologous Donation

Donating blood for your own surgery is called an autologous donation. These blood units are collected and stored until the patient’s surgery. They are available only for the patient from whom they were collected. Based upon anticipated blood loss, the patient’s doctor determines the number of blood units to be collected. These units can be stored for 35 days, allowing the patient to donate several units of blood during the weeks before surgery. Read more Read More

Directed Donation

A directed donation is one given by a donor chosen by the patient. The blood is used for the patient’s transfusion. A physician’s order is required. The patient and the attending physician sign this request. Read more Read More

Therapeutic Phlebotomy

A therapeutic phlebotomy is a prescribed amount of blood withdrawn for medical reasons. The Blood Connection provides therapeutic phlebotomy as a community service at no charge. Service are provided at all four The Blood Connection facilities. Read more Read More

Baby Donors

You may have heard someone say “I’m a baby donor” or “I donate for the babies.” What does that mean? It means they are CMV negative – the person has not been exposed to the cytomegalovirus, or CMV. This is important because in low birth weight infants the consequences of such infection may be severe or even fatal. Read more Read More