FAQ: Online Donor Questionnaire & Donation Process

Whenever we survey donors about how we can make their experience better, they usually state that the interview process should be simplified, shortened, or automated. The Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire can reduce the length of interviews at a blood center or blood drive to essential follow-up questions. In addition, you may complete your health history in the comfort and privacy of your own home, office or other quiet space using your computer or mobile device.
Most donors say it takes fewer than 10 minutes to complete the Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire. You can get through your donation almost 20 minutes faster than if we ask you the questions.
We can accept the “Donor Pass” from the Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire on most mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as long as our staff can scan the barcode from the ticket on your device. Go to TBC’s website to complete the questionnaire on your mobile device and bring the device with you when you donate with your ticket displayed on it.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that donors complete their health history the same day they donate. It’s important to make sure you are feeling well and healthy and that your responses are accurate on the day you give blood. When you arrive to donate, one of our staff will check required vital signs and will review your answers and ask any necessary follow-up questions. When you complete your Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire, the ticket will show the date you completed the health history and that date must match the date of your donation. If the dates do not match, you will need to complete the questionnaire on-site before you can give blood.
You can access the Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire on our website. Instructions for completing the streamline questionnaire are available online. If you made an appointment to give blood, you will receive an appointment reminder email that includes a link to the Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire. You must have an email address in your donor profile to receive this reminder email. If you don’t receive an appointment reminder email, please view your online donor account and update your profile with your email address.
Gather your personal information, including prescriptions and travel information, before you begin. Go to a quite, private place so that you will not be interrupted while you complete the health history questionnaire. If you are using a computer, connect it to a printer. The questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes. You will be required to read a few documents prior to starting the questionnaire. These documents will provide you with an understanding of the requirements for completing the Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire.
If there is a question(s) you do not understand, or if you want to talk with our staff about your answer(s), simply select the “Next” button to skip the question(s) and a staff member will discuss the question(s) with you at the donation appointment.
Once you complete the questionnaire, you may review your responses by scrolling up the page. Your original responses will be displayed and you may change any of them. If you don’t want to review your questionnaire, simply click on “Generate Donor Pass” and print your ticket. When you come in to donate, a staff member will review your responses and ask follow-up questions to assess your donor suitability. Feel free to discuss your answers with the staff member and request further explanation to be certain your response is accurate.
No. You can’t save the questionnaire to finish later. You have to answer all the questions on the questionnaire in one sitting. To ensure that your responses remain confidential, none of your information is saved online.
Since your responses to the health history questionnaire are not stored anywhere online, our staff must scan the barcode(s) on your completed questionnaire to pull up your responses when you come to donate.
When you arrive to donate, one of our staff will review your answers and ask any follow-up questions. He/she will also check your hemoglobin, blood pressure, pulse, temperature and other physical measurements to verify your ability to donate.
During the completion of the Online Donor Streamline Questionnaire, you will provide your date of birth and gender. At the donation site, during the registration process, the information will be compared to the information in your existing donor record. If the date of birth and gender you provided in the streamline questionnaire matches the information in your existing donor record, the streamline questionnaire will be accepted. However, if any of the criteria does not match, the streamline questionnaire will not be accepted and you will need to retake the questionnaire at the donation site.
The questionnaire is a requirement of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be completed by the donor to ensure that you are in good health and the donation process is safe for you, and to identify risk factors for disease transmissible by blood and blood components. It is to be conducted or taken in a private setting and reflects an honest response to the questions.
If the donor pass is not printed as a PDF document, the barcodes will not print correctly. If our staff members are unable to scan the barcodes at the donation site, you will have to retake the health history questionnaire before you can continue through the donation process.

If you are using the Spanish iDHQ, the donation site you are visiting will need to have an interpreter available to translate during the review of the questionnaire responses.

If an interpreter is not available, you will not be able to donate. It is important that we obtain an accurate medical history and that would require communicating with you using someone who can communicate in Spanish fluently.